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Dartmoor School of Fly Fishing – Latest news

Fly Fishing on Dartmoor

Just come back from a really good day on Dartmoor with Peter from Kingsbridge. He is a Vet by trade and has a really busy life, but he loves his Fly Fishing and is always up for trying somewhere new.
Peter first came to the school five years ago as a complete novice and having fished Kennick regularly since was now more than ready for the new challenge that our rivers have to offer.I guess we are lucky living where we do because we have so much choice with the rivers Taw, Dart and Teign offering many different challenges in terms of their size and accessibility.

The Blackbrook is a little tributary of the West Dart and the Fly Fishing School uses it regularly for those making their first introduction to river fishing. This little gem is nestled away so you need to be prepared for a good walk across the moor, as Peter found out!.

The conditions for the day were overcast but with an upstream wind which swirled sometimes to keep Peter on his toes. Peter soon found his river legs though and began placing the fly with the precision required to winkle out the brownies.The speed at which these little fellas take always amazes me, so each time Peter moved a fish he got that little bit closer to making the size 18 barbless dry stick!. We made our way up the river and although the fish were slow to come to the dry Peter caught fish steadily thoughtout the morning with the best being 10″.

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