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Dartmoor School of Fly Fishing

What Tackle do I need for Fly Fishing Kennick?

We are often asked what will I need to bring if I am fly fishing Kennick Lake? The simple answer is a 9 1/2 ft rod for a 7 wt line. This will cover nearly all of the situations you will encounter when fly fishing Kennick. If you are having a guided day with us we will always have plenty of tackle with us that we’ll be more than happy to lend to you free of charge.

We really enjoy fishing with lighter tackle too and if you would like to try and fish with a 5wt line that is no problem. There is nothing like fishing Kennick at dusk and casting out a dry fly to rising trout that is just a short distance out and seeing him confidently taking our fly. You’ll see we get just as excited as you do!

A floating fly line is ideal for most of the season but there will be times that a sinking line will also be useful too so make sure that you have one packed just in case.

For more details for fly fishing at Kennick please feel free to contact us.

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