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Dartmoor School of Fly Fishing

Dartmoor Fly Fishing Tackle

We are often asked what sort of tackle you will need for fly fishing on Dartmoor and if you are joining us for a days guided fly fishing we will be happy to loan you anything you need free of charge but if you are unsure we’ll be happy to advise you what to bring.

Basically anything goes when it comes to rod length. We have fished there with anything from 7 1/2ft rods to 10ft rods. There is certainly a trend towards longer rods these days as it allows us to control the line as it is on the water to help fight drag and at times the longer rod allows us to “dap” our dry fly into likely looking spots without having to get into the water.

Line weight is more important as the heavier the line the more potential disturbance it could cause on the surface as it lands after a cast. We like to use any thing from a 1wt line to a 4wt line with a 4wt being a great allrounder.

If you would like any more advice on fly fishing on Dartmoor please do not hesitate in contacting us!

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